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The Center for Lung and Sleep Disorders, PC

1814 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37404

Tel: (423)208-9030, Fax: (1800) 875-1815



Sleep Consultation: sleep related illness, such as sleep apnea, snore, lack of energy, insomnia, nightmare and night terror, narcolepsy, and acting out from dream and sleepwalking.


Pulmonary Consultation: COPD, Asthma, shortness of breath, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, black lung disease, persistent cough, cough up blood, and wheezing.


Pulmonary Function Tests and Pulmonary Procedure: spirometer, lung diffusion capacity, lung volumes, exercises test, overnight oximetry, fibrotic bronchoscopy and thoracentesis.


Sleep Studies:  1. Diagnostic overnight sleep study to determine obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep related illness; 2. CPAP titration to determine adequate pressure of CPAP treatment; 2. MSLT (multiple sleep latency test) to determine the severity of the patient’s daytime hypersomnolence; 3. MWT (maintenance of wakefulness test) to determine the ability of the patient’s keeping himself or herself awake. The center for lung and sleep disorder offers three convenient locations for sleep studies: Chattanooga sleep laboratory, Fort Oglethorpe sleep laboratory and Dayton sleep laboratory. We do studies on all adults and children over one year old.


CPAP and sleep-related equipment sale:  Center for lung and sleep disorder has all kinds of CPAP machines and masks in stock for the convenience of the patient’s care.  The patient can purchase equipment directly without sleep study if clinically indicated.  Usually, the patient to see the doctor first and the doctor determine if the patient needs CPAP machine and what kind of mask the patient is needed. And then the doctor will fit the mask and the machine for the patient and the patient takes CPAP machine home the same day.  The patient is back to see the doctor to determine the adequate treatment of the patient’s sleep problem and any adjustment needed.  Total cost of the package is $985 (initial consultation, CPAP machine, selected mask for patient’s comfort, two subsequent follow up visits with the doctor and unlimited change of mask within one month).  If the patient feels no benefit from using CPAP apparatus, the patient can return CPAP machine with refund of 500 dollars within one month.  This service saves the patient lots of money, especially to those patients who have no health insurance, have high out of pocket pay insurance.

DME equipment supplies: is also a licenced DME company in chattanooga, TN.  We supply sleep and oxygen equipments for patient with insurance.  If you need this service, please email your doctor's order, along with your contact inforamtion, insurance card, supplies needed.  We will contact you once we receive your request.