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CPAP Devise and the Treatment

CPAP (Continuous Postive Airway Pressure) and the treatment were invented in 1980s by Dr. Sulliman, who was an Australian pulmonary physician. Before that, the treatment of choice for sleep apnea is tracheotomy, which is disfiguring. Currently, the golden standard of the treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is CPAP.

CPAP machine is basically a compressor that delivers pressurized air to patient's airway through interface such mask. The machine is designed to deliver constant pressure to fit the patient's comfort and to keep airway open.  Currently companies design variously types of machines.  However, the basic function is the same, which is keep the patient's airway open so that the patient can breathe in and out easily without disturbing the patient's sleep.  The machine tends to get smaller and smaller at present time.  The patient can carry it around more easily.

To judge a CPAP is good or not, the machine needs to be quiet, reliable and comfortable.  That means the machine will not turn off at night by itself or does not break down quickly.  The machine should last at least 5 to 10 years.  The machine should not produce significant noise during the sleep.  The air pressure is purposed to be constant so that the patient will not be awaken up by the constant changes of the air pressure.

 The only effective treatment for obstructive sleep breathing (sleep apnea) is CPAP treatment.  Other treatments are not effective and costly.  CPAP treatment is inexpensive compare to duration the machine will last for.  It costs about 600 dollars altogether if one buys CPAP equipment from internet.  Suppose it lasts for only 5 years, 600 dollars divided by 5 years will only be 10 dollars a month.  CPAP machine will definitely changes one's life by making the patient to have much more energy, much deeper sleep and no snore at all.  Snore strip or energy pill will be much more expensive and they are not working either.  The result of CPAP treatment is predictable and is guaranteed.

You need to have CPAP treatment without question if you have snore, restless sleep (frequent awakening, toss and turn, and leg kicking a lot) and low energy and sleepy during the day,

CPAP is also very easy to use and it only takes one pressing the button to start the machine and it only takes 10 seconds to wear the mask. 

There is variation of CPAP machine, such as BIPAP, C-Flex, BPAP, etc for various kinds of people

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